The Village of Creemore does it again

It wasn’t too long ago that I paid a visit to a local bakery in Creemore, ON and was suitably impressed with their delectable desserts. What a welcome surprise to discover there’s now a second bakery stop in town: Creemore Kitchen. DSCF7863DSCF7854 Creemore Kitchen is primarily a restaurant but there’s a bakery/coffee shop off to the side which is open 11 AM – 2:30 PM, Thursday – Monday. Unfortunately I broke all the rules and showed up at 2:45 on a Saturday, but was still able to grab a sneak peek of the bakery thanks to the hospitality of co-owners Caesar & Sam: DSCF7859

And thank goodness, because after catching a glimpse of the little shop, I would have been mighty disappointed to have missed out.


Chai tea doughnut? You bet! Beautiful presentation. Lightly glazed and not too sweet, and the flavour was spot-on.


I’m told this loaf is a big seller. Didn’t try it this trip, but it’s on my list for next time.   DSCF7834

Scones. Yes, tried these little raisin royals as well. They were soft and rich with just a hint of sweet. For someone who grew up in a British home with scone-loving parents, these really hit the mark for me. Fantastic.

scones DSCF7874

They also make their own ice cream in flavours I’ve not seen before, such as Carrot Cake & Rhubarb Crisp. Caesar tells me the sweet corn, which was a staple in his childhood, is a real crowd pleaser:


Of course there’s more to try: Chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies the size of my head, among others. Hats off to Creemore on the expanding foodie atmosphere – let the good times roll.



They had me at Nutella Stuffed Cookie.

The sun was streaming through the windows as I walked eagerly through the front door of the Sleepy Baker at Queen & Coxwell. I’d heard about this place opening up in my hood a few weeks ago, and had been itching to check it out ever since.


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Getting into the St Patty’s Day “spirit” at Sweet Escape Patisserie

A friend tipped me off that a bakery in Toronto’s Distillery District had joined the “spirited baking” trend by declaring March to be “Drunken Dessert Month”. What better time to check out some beer-drenched or Irish cream-laden treats than on St Patrick’s Day weekend!?

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Authentic french bakery lives up to its tagline

Sometimes timing just works out really well. Like when I just happen to be walking along King St on a Sunday morning, and then happen to look up and a beautiful bakery is winking at me from across the street, and then it so happens this particular bakery has just launched one of my favourite treats on the market: Dark chocolate almond croissant. You’ve got to love it when the stars align.

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Designer doughnuts now available on Toronto’s east side

I love doughnuts. It all started in childhood, when every now and then on a Sunday afternoon my mom would pull down the good ol’ deep fryer and whip up a batch of fresh sugar-coated doughnuts for Sunday “tea”. The smell of fried dough wafting through the house, the sound of the little guys being tossed around in the paper bag filled with sugar…..I was hooked.

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