And so it begins….at the Swiss-Canadian Bakery!

Swiss-Canadian Bakery in Collingwood, ON

Turns out the weather cooperated and Friday, February 17th saw me in the car bright and early, dog and baby in tow, on the way to one of my favourite towns:  Collingwood.  It seemed appropriate to start what’s sure to be a sugar-laden bakery tour with a trip to my trusty dentist for a blessing of the pearly whites, so that was my first stop.  After receiving the green light I drove directly from my dentist’s office to the Swiss-Canadian Bakery – let the games begin!

I wouldn’t like to try to calculate how many pastries I’ve eaten in my lifetime from the Swiss-Canadian bakery, but suffice to say, I know what I’m doing as I come through the door.  While the goal of this adventure is to visit as many new bakeries as possible, I decided to start with one of my favourites mainly because I’m not sure just how many bakery fans even know this place exists – and they should.

Here’s why I like this place:

  1. Bruno, the baker, relies on butter, almonds, quality chocolate, and fresh cream for texture and flavour instead of sugar, sugar and more sugar.
  2. The selection isn’t huge, but the pastries they choose to make are made to perfection every single time.
  3. The prices are more than reasonable.  All pastries currently cost between $1.35 and $1.95 (although they warned me this may change if dairy costs continue to rise).
  4. The owners ignore the trends of today, choosing instead to focus on providing authentic European treats in a traditional “swiss-ish” style (it’s always a one-woman show at the counter, and the one woman takes her time, so plan to spend a few minutes if  you do happen by).

So what’s a must-try at the Swiss-Canadian Bakery?  According to Regina (Bruno’s wife and one-woman star of the counter) says their most popular seller is the éclair, as it is dripping with freshly made whipped cream.  That’s right, Bruno whips his own cream from scratch every day and word has gotten around, making this one a top seller.

I chose the following four items when I was in last Friday (to share with the family, thank you very much).  I’d highly recommend all four, as would the family, with special marks to the Napolean (it’s the cream!!) and a slight caution on the Florentine – it contains a large amount of peel, which I’m not crazy about.

Cavacas – with decadent chocolate ganache filling

Florentine & Nougat Ring (filled with fresh cream!)

Napolean – highly recommended

The Swiss-Canadian Bakery:

280 First St.
Collingwood, ON
L9Y 1B1
(705) 445-5697


6 thoughts on “And so it begins….at the Swiss-Canadian Bakery!

  1. LOVED reading this!!! I am very excited to live every sugar-filled moment of your adventure through you… since our choices are limited to expired pastries in a cardboard box!

    • Expired pastries…..cardboard box….this almost makes me tear up. Reminds me of the time my mom sent her mince pies to me in Japan when I was there for Christmas. Except they were packed in styrofoam!!!!

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