Hip Hip Hop to the Patilero Bakery Shop

Oh Easter Weekend, let me count the ways that make you fun:  Larger than life bunny ears attached to car doors, family dinners with wine glasses full to the brim, little kiddies demolishing chocolate hens the size of my head…..  And what better way to add to the excess of Easter weekend than with a trip to a bakery shop for a taste test or two.

My dad recently retired to Orillia, so this is where the hubby, the dog, baby Felix and I end up for Easter weekend.   I did a little research during my last dad visit, and discovered there are several bakeries in town, but one stood out as Bakery Tour blog worthy:  Patilero

Felix has been getting just a bit too interested in bakery goodies recently (what have I done!?)  My first clue was him desperately jamming his entire hand in his mouth while pleading with his eyes for just a little taste of nutty chocolate danger, so the hubby and I decide to leave Felix to cool his jets with the grandparents this time around – sorry, little man.

Patilero is located in downtown Orillia, on what I would refer to as the “main street”.  From the outside it looks like an old-fashioned bake shop, which suits the feel of the street.

Walking through the door, you hardly know which way to look first – to the left is a counter filled with fresh tarts, cakes and breads. To the right is shelves of cookies and macarons, and straight ahead is a rather large chocolate bunny giving me the hairy eyeball.  Oh yes, this bake shop is prepared to cater to any and all taste buds this Easter weekend!

After several laps around the shop, the hubby and I make the very difficult decision to try only two things: Lemon meringue tart and apricot almond shortbread.

We grab two coffees and one of the last unoccupied tables and dig in.  The crust of the lemon meringue is flaky and not too sweet – delicious.  The lemon filling has a smooth lemony flavor, not too sweet but not too tart.  The meringue, while beautiful, is soft and has only a slight crisp at the very tips.

I grew up eating my mom’s baked meringue pies with a crunchy meringue texture, so personally I’m not so keen on the softness of this meringue, but the hubby claims he’s never had it crunchy – so not sure if my mom was off her rocker and she was the only one to make it this way…?  Something else to investigate in my “free” (read:  baby napping) time.

Now onto the shortbread:  I’ve never had a folded shortbread cookie quite like this before.  Inside the pocket are two whole almonds and a swipe of apricot jam, and the whole thing has been dipped in chocolate.  Several steps to this cookie, but the effort is clearly worth it – it’s very tasty and fun to eat, and at $4.95 per bag of 6 cookies, this is definitely a good deal.

As I mentioned earlier, the hubby and I decided to show a little restraint given our Easter-related over-indulgence, so instead I imagine the other things I would try IF calories and an upcoming cholesterol check for life insurance approval were no object:

Eclair, $2.95

And I thought this chocolate cup was beautifully delicate – how do they get it so thin?

So many fun things to go back and try!  So in case I’ve not made myself clear, my opinion on this place is:

Fun Patilero Facts

  • The two owners, Neils and Richard, came to Orillia from Toronto and at one time, had 14 bakeries across the GTA.
  • After these two fellas decided to get out of dodge (AKA let go of the 14 bakeries and leave the city behind) it was Orangeville vs. Orillia for the new business.  Orillia won because they preferred the look of the main street.
  • The two business partners decided to combine the Spanish word for “pastry chef” with Richard’s last name of Pattison and came up with the name “Patilero”.
  • These two have brushed shoulders with some pretty schmancy names! During his time in Toronto, Neils had the pleasure of making lunch for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip while Richard, former pastry chef at Scaramouche Restaurant, once prepared lunch for Bette Midler.

23 Mississaga St. E
Orillia, ON  L3V 1V4

Tel. 705-326-5000



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