Y’all need a little extra shuga with that shuga, shuga?

Hellllooooo beach holiday! Last week we decided to show baby Felix just how much fun sand in the diaper can be, and hopped a Porter flight to affordable, family-friendly, and most importantly SUNNY, North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

In between frolics in the ocean, mowing down on Calabash crab, and perfecting our y’all drawl, we took a drive inland a few miles to the cosy little town of Conway, population 16,000. Conway is one of the oldest towns in South Carolina, dating back to 1734.  The main street has recently undergone revitalization, and quaint bistros and shops line the historic street, making it a pleasant place to wander on a warm afternoon.

Just a few steps from main street in charming Conway, SC.

It is here, nestled in the heart of Conway’s charming center, that you will find the Trestle Bakery.  From the awning out front, to the exposed brick, creaky wooden floors and red and white décor inside, this place is American small-town charm at its finest.

Coming through the door, I am slightly overwhelmed by the size and amount of different goodies in the display cases – pies, cakes, tarts, cookies, donuts, pudding, brownies, cannoli…..it’s like a few pieces from every bakery I’ve been to on my tour to date are attending the annual bakery conference at the Trestle Bakery!

Luckily we’re greeted by Lisa from behind the counter, who is quick to tell us the day’s special are donuts, and lemon and lime tarts.  I thank her for the info, and then explain about the blog and ask her what I should try. Turns out the “white cake with chocolate frosting” is one of her favourites, so we order a slice.  It’s massive! Another popular item is the Raspberry Chewie (chocolate/many layer looking square), so we take one of those.  It too is massive. Matt decides we came all this way, so we should really try a super-sized macaroon as well, and twist my rubber arm, I add one to the order.

Complete with two Buffalo Spring cappuccinos, our order comes to $17 and change: not exactly inexpensive, but as I said, the servings are huge and the coffee is the real deal, so I suppose it all evens out.

The cake is good, but not great.  In fact, I can’t finish it, because not only is the slice too big, but it’s too sweet for me.  The frosting is almost entirely sugar – no real chocolate flavour or creamy texture – just oil and sugar. In fact it kind of reminds me of the frosting you may get out of a can to go with a cake you just made from a mix.

Matt loves the macaroon, first of all because it’s man-sized, secondly because it’s over-the-top sweet (which he enjoys, but too sweet for me) and because it’s full of white and dark chocolate chips inside, which I agree is a nice touch.

Macaroon mountain!

We then hit the Raspberry Chewy, and this is when full sugar shock takes over.  We counted seven layers, I said SEVEN LAYERS of sugar in various forms: cookie crumb base, condensed milk, coconut, gooey raspberry jam-ish layer, then walnuts, white and dark chocolate chips, and finally drizzled chocolate tops it all off.  The funniest part of this one though, is that it’s served on a paper doily, which sticks to the sides and needs to be extracted from each layer bit by bit prior to eating.  I lost patience and decided to accept some of the doily as an eighth layer, convinced it didn’t stand a chance in my gut against the 3lbs of sugar I’d just consumed.

You’ve got to be willing to eat a little doily if you go for the Raspberry Chewy.

So all in all, it’s one heck of a sweet bakery, probably too sweet for me, but if I lived in Conway I’d likely go anyway because it’s just so darn charming and the coffee is really nice.

On the way out, I mentioned to Lisa that we’re staying in Myrtle Beach but hadn’t come across a “real” bakery to review, hence the road trip.  She said bakeries like Trestle are a dying breed in South Carolina, and people drive miles and miles to the Trestle for an authentic bakery experience. Here’s hoping this bakery continues to receive local support, because really, what good is a town without a bake shop?!

322 Main Street
Conway, SC
Tel. 843-488-2069



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