Henrietta’s: One helluva good Muskoka bake shop

This post is definitely a late bloomer, but better posted now than never, no?

Back in September, the family and I took a trip to Algonquin for a week of peace and quiet in the presence of three small children (we should have known better!)

Needing a little something to distract us one rainy morning, we decided to check out a bake shop we’d passed on the way to our cabin: Henrietta’s Pine Bakery.

It was a Saturday morning, and despite the rain, business was steady. Lots of locals who knew exactly what they wanted were zooming in and out, throwing a few suggestions our way as we pondered the cases. The selection is HUGE and with the exception of a handful of “bar” items (think Nanaimo), everything is made on site, with a northern European influence.

I’ll take one of those, and one of these and two of the chocolate guys over there…..

Apparently sticky buns are the must-try item, along with Muskoka clouds and moose cookies:

Sticky bun, canadian style. Usually not my thing, but this version was soft, buttery and full of apple cinnamon flavour.

At first I thought the prices were a bit higher than expected outside of a big city centre, but after the first few bites, we were sold. This is one gem of a European bakery and if it weren’t a solid four hour drive from my home, I’d be a regular for sure.

This was my favourite. Some sort of cashew nut honey bar….fantastic.

On the way to Algonquin Park? Henrietta’s Pine Bakery, baby!!

Ph. 705-635-2214


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