NEED yourself a wintery treat..? KNEAD Bakery may be the answer!

Update: Knead Bakery closed in October, 2013.

Aside from making a mean cappuccino, my local coffee shop, Lazy Daisy, sells many treats,both savory and sweet. Some of these treats are made in house, while others are imports from different bakeries around town.

Now I’m not a huge date square fan, but I picked one up for the hubby one day while out on a coffee run. That night, he insisted I had to try it and it was de-licious! One day soon afterward, the hubby brought home a lemon tart from the coffee shop (atta boy) – delicious again! I asked at the shop where these little yummers came from, and voila: Knead Bakery was discovered.

A few weeks ago, we found ourselves free on a Saturday morning, so off to Knead we went to check out the home of these tasty delights.


The shop is 75% kitchen, so the retail spot is tiny. Not much room for more than four or five people at a time, and definitely not a place to linger with your pastry and read the morning paper, unless it’s warm enough to sit outside.

It's almost all kitchen in this place!

It’s almost all kitchen in this place!

Which makes for a teeny tiny space out front.

Which makes for a teeny tiny space out front.

The selection isn’t huge, but it’s good looking: Several cakes were in the case, along with a decent selection of bars and tarts. I was also surprised by the extensive bread and savory selection.



IMG_3591 IMG_3590

Oreo cookie, Knead-style

Oreo cookie, Knead-style

We chose to try the sourdough bread for a lunchtime sandwich treat, a lemon tart, and an OMG bar, which we were told is a top seller:

OMG bar....a top seller.

OMG bar….a top seller.

The bread was amazing. Totally blows the local grocery store’s sourdough out of the water, and made the trip worthwhile. The lemon tart was good also, but I already knew it would be. The hubby LOVED the OMG bar, because it was rich, AND sweet AND salty. For me, there were just too many ingredients and the flavors got a bit muddled, but he thought it was the ideal dessert bar.

Check it out if your in the neighborhood!



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