As Seen on BT!

As usual, it was mayhem this past Friday morning at our house. The dog was wherever my feet needed to step, the little guy was pulling clothes off faster than I could get them on him, and the hubby was trying his best to shower, dress and make lunch in the space of nine minutes.

BT was on in the background, and I was half-listening to the chipper chit chat, until I heard the word “donut”, and stopped dead in my tracks. Jenn Valentyne was on location at a place oddly named Glory Hole Doughnuts (Really? A food place?) I just had enough time to take in the bacon-something-something and a lemon glaze popcorn something, and I knew I’d be going there one day soon.

One day soon as in the next day. Glory Hole Doughnuts is located on the west side of Toronto in the Parkdale neighborhood. The small shop sits on one of the more run down blocks of Queen Street West and you have to look carefully – we drove by it twice before we finally spotted it.


We pulled up to the curb right at 10am, and there were already several people milling around the front door, waiting for the shop to open. By the time we got ourselves into the shop, a line up was forming behind us and the place was full. I saw on their FB page later that they’d run out their first batch in 47 minutes! I guess a visit from BT does wonders for business.

Given the raw edge that is Parkdale, I’m not so shocked by the interior. An eclectic mix of artwork covers the walls. Tattooed bike-courier-like servers are bustling behind the counter, and the alternative music is booming so loud I can hardly hear the girl at the cash register.



That being said, the service comes with a smile and is swift. This is much appreciated when you’ve got a little guy squirming in your arms.

We choose to try an embarrassing number of donuts to test, including: Elvis & Marshmallow, Beer, Maple, & Chocolate Pistachio.


Elvis & Marshmallow. And yes, that is bacon.

On the plus side, the donuts are definitely fresh and the flavors actually reflect their namesakes, for the most part. They also look tasty, and since people typically eat with their eyes first, this is important.

The only down side I’d say, is the price. Donuts range in price from $3.20-ish up to $4.50-ish, which even for an “artisan” donut is a lot of money. For me, this was a fun place to visit and I enjoyed trying something different, but it certainly wouldn’t become a regular stop for me.

That being said, it seems they love what they do and they’ve got a great little space, so I hope they make it.


or find them on Facebook


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