There’s a new guy on the block…Bonne Journee Boulangerie!

UDPATE: Bonne Journee Boulangerie closed its doors in October, 2014. According to their Facebook page, they’re on the hunt for a new location – fingers crossed!!!

There’s another new kid on the block, and it goes by the name of Bonne Journee. Open for just three months, this place seems to already have a steady stream of regulars any given day of the week, myself included.

Located on Queen Street East between Coxwell & Greenwood, this lovely little shop really helps to spruce up this stretch of Leslieville, which has been struggling to look presentable over the past few years.


Bonne Journee, as you may have already guessed, sells traditional French baked goodies. From pain au chocolat to macaron to the classic mille feuille (which I still can’t pronounce – I just shrug and point at the tray when I place my order), they display a modest yet authentic selection. Here’s a quick peak at some tasty bites:




Apparently the various croissants are best sellers, and although they are good, I have to say, that’s not why I am a repeat customer.

In my opinion,the best thing about this place is the mille feuille. Layers of puff pastry with pastry cream filling, topped with an icing glaze. It’s an incredibly good combination of decadent things. Bonne Journee makes it a tiny bit salty, borderline too salty for a dessert, at least to my palette, but the other elements are just so good, I keep coming back.


My personal favourite…..mille feuille

This place also makes a mean eclair. Light and airy pastry with a rich, creamy, chocolately filling and chocolate glaze. So good.


When we were in on the weekend, we also had a taste of the wee little sucre a la creme. Sort of like maple sugar meets maple fudge I guess you could say. Very sweet, so the little bite-sized pieces they serve are just the right sugar hit, and at $0.25 each, definitely affordable!


Sucre a la creme

Bonne Journee is getting into the swing of Valentine’s Day….the pastry love birds are getting mighty friendly behind the glass!


OR maybe you want to send a little message to someone special on the 14th, in which case one of these may come in handy:


OR in the event you are boycotting Valentine’s Day entirely this year, this one’s for you:


Check them out!



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