Creemore: Come for the beer, stay for the baked goods!

Unless you’re from my original neck of the woods, (shout out to Stayner!) you may only know Creemore as the home of Creemore Springs Brewery. It’s not a bad way to be introduced to this quaint little town, but there are many other things to see along the beautiful main street that runs the length of the town.

On a recent trip to Creemore over the Family Day weekend,we decided to check out Affairs Bakery & Cafe.



We arrived before the lunch rush, so were able to have a lazy perusal of the country-chic decor. From the exposed brick wall to the rooster guarding the front door, this place is full of charm:





Once we’d fulfilled our duties as responsible adults and eaten our sandwich and salad combos (very tasty by the way), it was onto the baked goods!

Owner Norma came out to tell me she’s been in business for 10 years, and has managed to survive despite slow tourism times in the off-seasons, and increasing competition from lower-priced coffee chains moving into surrounding towns. Good for you, Norma!

Norma says her number one seller from the pastry counter is the butter tart. Plain, raisin or pecan, they’re all popular:


In addition to the “fave”, we try gluten-free pistachio bar and almond bar, a white chocolate mango tart, an eclair, and in true Canadian fashion, one very large nanaimo bar. Everything we tried is priced in the $2.50 – $3.00 range.


White chocolate mango tart with a surprise berry element inside!


Eclair, butter tart, gluten-free pistachio bar, nanaimo bar


They were all hits! How often does that happen??

While I enjoy butter tarts, my mother-in-law and I agreed that our favourite thing at Affairs has to be the gluten-free nut bars. A quality chocolate base, with a plethora of nuts and maple glaze. Amazing. In second place for me would be the white choco mango tart. I loved that it wasn’t too sweet, and the flavours were nicely layered, not to mention its beautiful presentation.

The hubby really enjoyed the nanaimo, and father-in-law gave a solemn nod of approval on the butter tart. And the eclair, well, it was also fantastic.

There was such a wide selection of bakery-related items at Affairs, we will definitely need to go back for taste-test two sometime soon.

Have a beer, then check them out:



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