Desmond & Beatrice…how did I miss this one?

I’m not sure how this happened, but a cupcake place has existed in my neighborhood since 2009 – 2009 – and I only just noticed it a few weeks ago during a routine streetcar trip to work along Queen St East. I must be losing my edge.

The good news is I know about it now, so the family and I stopped in this past weekend to have a peak around….and maybe a taste test or two. Or three.

Desmond & Beatrice is a small bakeshop located in the heart of Leslieville (again, how did I miss this place??) with a typical bake-shop-like appearance:


Inside it’s a clean and somewhat industrial-like space, with concrete floors and white walls, however a hint of artistic flair does emerge along one wall, in the shape of a pink and white unicorn head accompanied by various framed artworks. How fun!


DSCF3032 DSCF3036I meet Lacey behind the counter, who tells me she’s only been there a few weeks, but absolutely LOVES working at D&B, because the owner is so passionate about what she does (learned baking from her mom and uses all family recipes) and keeps the business relatively small to maintain the true family feel. Already I’m getting a very good vibe about this place.

As I’m learning about the selection from Lacey, the little guy and the hubby decide to try one of the Cowboy Cookie samples:


I’ll just give this cookie a wee nibble…


Oh boy oh boy oh boy….more?

And then we move on to taste testing selection. The menu is quite simple:

DSCF3012 DSCF3013

Lacey tells me some of the treats are currently sold at 51 coffee shops across the city (they are looking a little familiar) so I decide to keep this a cupcake-only venture. She tells me the best seller is the red velvet, so one goes in the box. We also decide to try the double chocolate, toffee caramel (hubby selection) and one of the specialty flavors of the day: lemon blueberry:


Classic vanilla


Blueberry lemon


Toffee caramel

DSCF3022 Hands down, this is my new favourite cupcake place in Leslieville, maybe even Toronto. The flavours were bang on, and the icing is incredibly rich and buttery. The blueberry lemon was somehow refreshing and decadent all at the same time, and I could taste the lemon rind in both the cake and the frosting – lovely flavour.

The hubby couldn’t talk while eating the caramel. After he was finished and had a quiet moment to reflect, he managed to tell me the icing was incredible, the little toffee bits were a welcome addition, and the caramel was actually mixed through the cake, so every bite was caramel-filled.

The chocolate and red velvet were excellent as well, but I think we were more impressed with the caramel and lemon, because we’ve tried these flavours at a few other shops and really, nothing compares.

So at the risk of sounding repetitive…..check them out:)



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