Thornbury Bakery Cafe: My first stop on the Apple Pie Trail

A little while back, I made the decision to check out a few places along Ontario’s Apple Pie Trail but weekends have been busy as of late, and it took until this past Saturday for us to kick things off.

My mother in-law, artist Sheila Bannerman, is showing some of her latest work at a gallery in Thornbury during the month of April, and invited us to a “meet the artist” reception, which we were eager to attend, so….ROAD TRIP TO THORNBURY!

After two hours of winding our way north, west, north, and then west again, we roll up in front of the Thornbury Bakery Cafe, a perfect pit stop on our way to the galleryDSCF3143

DSCF3146 As the only bakery in town (and surrounding area), this place is BUSTLING on a Saturday afternoon. Not only do they sell freshly baked bread and sweet treats, but I was told by a few locals that the place makes a mean soup and sandwich, which explains the crowded tables. While waiting to be served, I take a quick peak around:

DSCF3105DSCF3108 DSCF3118 DSCF3121

We meet one of the owners, Dave, behind the counter. He’s moving quick, answering questions, filling boxes, and running back to the kitchen on occasion to grab the latest goody to slide out of the oven. He’s also super friendly, which I imagine contributes to the steady stream of customers.

DSCF3137While I chat with Dave and ask a few customers for their votes on “must try” items, the little guy drools all over the glass (sorry Dave!)

Since this is an Apple Pie Trail destination, the obvious thing to try is the apple pie…however, the pie platter is empty and replacement pies are still in the oven, so we’ll have to forgo the apple taster on this trip.

One person tells me we just HAVE to try the cinnamon bun, so one goes in the box. Dave mentions the flour-less chocolate cake and carrot cake are big sellers, so one of each, please. We also take one berry scone, to make ourselves feel better by adding some fruit to the box;)

DSCF3167The price seems quite reasonable to me (approx. $2.50 per item), especially since these guys are larger than the average baked treat I come across on the tour.

Hands down, my favourite is the flour-less chocolate cake. It’s moist, with a deep, true chocolatey flavour, and not too sweet. It’s so decadent in fact, that it takes me two days to finish, because like a true dark chocolate anything, a little goes a long way.

The hubby’s first choice is the carrot cake. He loves the sweet frosting, and it’s moist and chalk full of nuts. It does not last him two days.

I really loved the cinnamon bun also. I liked that it wasn’t too sticky or gooey, and the frosting was just the right amount for me. Even with help from the little guy, this was also a two-day affair due to its generous size!

My least favourite was the scone. It just wasn’t my thing. Maybe less sugar and more salt for my palette? Not sure. But all in all, they’re making some delicious creations at this place, and if you’re in or around the Blue Mountains anytime soon, it’s worth checking out:



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