Moo Milk Bar….Milk good, Cookies meh.

After walking by this place time and again over the past year or so, I decided today was the day I’d finally check out Moo Milk Bar for a little Saturday morning milk and cookie action with the hubby and the little guy.


First, let me start off with what I liked about this shop: The location is good (Queen St East just east of Woodbine), the decor is modern and fun, the guy behind the counter was friendly. These are all good things. And the milk counter, filled with a variety of mouth-watering flavours in individual bottles for easy take-away, is quite unqiue.



The little guy eyeing up the milk counter.

 We decide to test out the chocolate milk (my hubby is so daring!) and I tested out the maple, a flavour they’d added to the roster just this past week. They were both rich and tasty.

Now, onto the cookies:


$1.90 each or 6 for $10


I wish I could say I loved them, or even liked them. I wish I could say it was totally worth the $12+ and that I’ll be back with the little guy real soon. But alas, I cannot truthfully say any of these things.

We deicde to try the Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Red Velvet (I’ve never seen a red velvet cookie before – how exciting!)


Unfortunately, the cookies are Tim Hortons-like at best – large, chewy and sweet. Although we did like the flavour of the peanut butter chocolate (the little guy in particular had a love affair with this one for about 3 minutes until it was demolished beyond recognition), but the cookies and cream was so sweet I almost had to order another shot of milk! The red velvet was lacking flavour entirely, it was oily, and looked more like a stiff pancake than a cookie. In fact, I couldn’t even finish the red velvet, which, for anyone who knows me, is not normal.

After being wowed by Elm Hill Cookies in Oakville last year, maybe my expectations of MOO Milk Bar were just too high. Or maybe, as the name suggests, they’re a milk bar that sells cookies, not a cookie place that sells milk. In any case, this place won’t be on my top ten places to visit again any time soon, at least not for anything bakery-related.

If you do decide to give it a go, stop by during these times:



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