It’s almost Christmas!! Get ready…get set….get baking!

I know, I know, this is supposed to be a blog about bakeries. About people who are in the business of doing the baking for you. It is not my job to provide recipes that you then need to turn around and bake for yourself.

But it is almost Christmas, and in the spirit of family togetherness in the kitchen (right? family togetherness?), I’m sharing my favourite Toronto Star holiday tradition: The Cookie Calendar.

Similar to the traditional advent calendar, the TO Star’s Cookie Calendar gives you a daily cookie recipe starting December 1st and running through till the 24th. This year, 24 Canadians who’ve made headlines in 2013 share their favourite holiday recipes. (Anyone else curious to see what we get from Mr. Ford? He must have made the list, no?)

I’m already looking forward to testing out Kathleen Wynne’s sprinkle-capped ginger snaps. Bring on the holiday spice!!



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