Designer doughnuts now available on Toronto’s east side

I love doughnuts. It all started in childhood, when every now and then on a Sunday afternoon my mom would pull down the good ol’ deep fryer and whip up a batch of fresh sugar-coated doughnuts for Sunday “tea”. The smell of fried dough wafting through the house, the sound of the little guys being tossed around in the paper bag filled with sugar…..I was hooked.

Those days are now but a happy memory, and my own deep fryer spends 95% of the year in the basement. A regular doughnut-maker I am not, as it turns out.

But I still love doughnuts, so I was mighty pleased to see a gourmet doughnut shop pop up on Toronto’s east side just a few short weeks ago. VON Doughnuts opened on Christmas Eve, and has been pumping out unique taste sensations ever since!

The family and I stopped by this past weekend for a little taste testing, and here’s how it went:


Step one: Find shop, located at 713 Danforth Ave. Pretty easy to locate. There’s lots of orange.

Getting the scoop from the owner.

And while the hubby talks business with one of the owners…..

....the little guy started checking things out.

….the little guy starts checking things out.”I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. One of each, mom”.

"Greek Town", a shout out to the Danforth. Honey glazed, honey-run drizzle, crushed pistachio

“Greek Town”, a shout out to the Danforth. Honey glazed, honey-run drizzle, crushed pistachio

"Wake me up", mocha ganache, hazelnut drizzle, toasted hazelnut

“Wake me up”, mocha ganache, hazelnut drizzle, toasted hazelnut


“Dill Dough”, dill enfused cake doughnut, dill glaze, fried pickle.


Yes, I did get distracted several times by a giant whisk posing as a light fixture. Amazing!

Here are a few fun facts about VON Doughnuts:

  • All fillings, custards and preserves are made in-house, from scratch
  • Products are trans-fat free
  • With very few exceptions, VON does not use artificial flavourings or colourings
  • 20 different flavours make up the VON menu, but not all doughnuts are available all days of the week. Check out the website before you go to see what’s on tap that day.

We finally decided on four doughnuts to go, and we were off!


This seems like a bad idea…


…yet somehow they all arrived home safely.

But then we took things one step further with a doughnut tower...

But then we took things one step further with a doughnut tower…

The tower signified the end of admiring, and the start of demolishing. Peanut butter jelly was pretty darn good. Sounds like a simple concept, but I’ve actually not had anything like it before. The little guy was a big fan.

My personal favourite was Wake Me Up. Chocolate ganache, coffe and pistachios – how could that ever go wrong?

The Dill-dough was….interesting. The hubby enjoyed the fact there was a fried pickle on his doughnut, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I liked the dill flavour, but the pickle? Nope, still not sure.

The hubby enjoyed the Porky Monky (bacon, banana, maple cheese icing), however the banana did throw him a bit.

All in all, mighty fine! If you’re in the mood for a deluxe doughnut treat, Von’s your place:



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