Authentic french bakery lives up to its tagline

Sometimes timing just works out really well. Like when I just happen to be walking along King St on a Sunday morning, and then happen to look up and a beautiful bakery is winking at me from across the street, and then it so happens this particular bakery has just launched one of my favourite treats on the market: Dark chocolate almond croissant. You’ve got to love it when the stars align.

I was actually on my way to check out an Italian bakery in the same part of town, but came upon Delysees instead, and…SQUIRREL!


inside edit


The choice of white walls, ceiling and counters really gives this place a light, fresh feel. Many bakeries I’ve visited are tight spaces, and after two or three customers, it starts to feel crowded. Not so here! Lots of space to peruse the selection, pay for your goodies, and if you choose to stick around, you’ll find a place to sit down at one of the many tables off to the side.

Now onto the most important feature of any bakery: The food.

Let’s start here, with my favourite bakery team:


Fred the owner told me he’d been working on the dark chocolate almond croissant recipe for months, and as I mentioned earlier, had just launched this goodie the weekend I stopped by. Amazing timing.


It was well worth the wait, I’d say. Pastry was amazing, and as I pulled it apart, a generous filling of perfectly balanced dark chocolate and almond filling began its escape onto my plate…and then into my mouth in no time flat. It was incredible.

I love the fact that this place offers mini versions of their pastries as well, otherwise referred to as Les Petits de Luxe. For the little guy and hubby, I chose to bring home these two little gems:


A mini chocolate croissant, and hazelnut praline. Both very tasty as well.

Of course what is a french bake shop with a good selection of….


Although I didn’t try any this trip, they did look fantastic, and flavour combinations sounded delish…sesame chocolate anyone…?


A few other things I liked about this place…mini sandwichs! The perfect snack size:



And specialty soda pop bevvies looked like fun:


Delysees has only been open for five months, but they’ve got a steady local following already. So happy to see yet another independent bakery thriving in Toronto’s downtown core. My warmest congratulations to the owner and his staff….I’ll be back!


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