Chocolate chips + cannoli = incredible taste sensation at La Rose

A couple of months ago, my sister showed up at a family dinner with a box of cannoli from a bakery in Milton. I’ve never been one to get too excited over cannoli. No chocolate, no nuts, no fruit…

But when she mentioned chocolate chip cannoli, well that changed everything. Like the big kid I am when it comes to dessert, I rushed impatiently through our first course and as soon as the plates were cleared…I was into the box.

Turns out, chocolate chip cannoli are pretty darn incredible. Crispy outside, rich ricotta inside that wasn’t too sweet, with little pops of chocolate in every bite.

Fast forward to last weekend, and I happened to be in Milton visiting the sister.  We decided what better excuse for a girls-only break on a Sunday morning than for my sister to give me a tour of La Rose Fine Italian Bakery, home of the chocolate chip cannoli.

We arrived a few minutes after they opened, and things were BUSTLING. A steady stream of overflowing trays were coming out from what must be an enormous kitchen in the back.

La Rose bakery

9:00 a.m. and the bread is fully stocked!


So many unique bread flavours and styles…roasted red pepper, smoky onion loaf, jalapeno olive.

La Rose bakery, custard tart

Freshly made custard tarts waiting in line for their place in the dessert case

Full selection of chocolate

Chocolate truffles…can it every be too early in the day..?

La Rose Italian Bakery

Caramel tart & banana cream


Chocolate chip cannoli….and Sicilian cannoli, for those who prefer a more traditional Italian flavour.


Sfogliatelle: Flaky pastry filled with rich ricotta and orange peel.

La Rose Italian Bakery

So many goodies to choose from…but this is what we brought home to sample. And let me be really clear here, EVERYTHING was good.

La Rose Italian Bakery

What is that saying? We eat with our eyes first? La Rose must believe in this concept, because presentation was top notch.

So….if you’re looking for a little traditional Italian flavour, or even a Canadian twist on an Italian classic, OR if you’re looking for props to help you cheer for Italy in the World Cup, this is the place.

They are very, very ready for the World Cup.



Great selection, excellent quality, good prices and good service. How can you go wrong..?

La Rose Italian Bakery, Milton


One thought on “Chocolate chips + cannoli = incredible taste sensation at La Rose

  1. I used to live across the road from La Rose and it is the most incredible place. Cozmo, Maggie and now Sal are very good at what they do.
    I have even seen and tasted 50 year old Reggiano cheese there!

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