Getting our Beer Tart on at Brazil Bakery & Pastry Ltd.

From the beginning of the bakery tour, I’ve wanted to head over to the “other end of town”, otherwise known as the west end, specifically Little Portugal. I had been waiting it out to see if hot temps were going to cool their jets, but alas, Felix and I gave in to the realization that this summer just isn’t going to get any cooler, and plans were made. A few weeks ago, the two of us packaged ourselves onto a reasonably breezy and somewhat empty street car, and were on our way to Brazil Bakery & Pastry Ltd.

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Ding Dong & Mashion: China Town at its Sweetest

While I have eaten many a late night meal in Toronto’s China Town (where the afterhours “tea” in the “teapot” may or may not have tasted remarkably like room temperature Labatt Blue;) I’ve never ventured into a China Town bakery.  A quick social media search tells me Mashion is the freshest, tastiest and most modern place in town….although after also learning about Ding Dong Pastries just down the street….well, let’s just say they had me at Ding Dong, so two stops it is!

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