NEED yourself a wintery treat..? KNEAD Bakery may be the answer!

Update: Knead Bakery closed in October, 2013.

Aside from making a mean cappuccino, my local coffee shop, Lazy Daisy, sells many treats,both savory and sweet. Some of these treats are made in house, while others are imports from different bakeries around town.

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No eggs, no cream, no BUTTER? Tori’s Bakeshop puts my butter-lovin’ palate to the vegan taste test!

I’m not sure who on earth dreamed up this nutty concept, but it seems to be one that’s here to stay.  That’s right, I’m talking vegan baked goods:  No eggs, no cream, no butter, no butter, no butter.  Did I mention there’s no butter? And at Tori’s Bakeshop in Toronto, they take it one step further by cutting out refined sugar and in some cases, gluten as well.

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