Creemore: Come for the beer, stay for the baked goods!

Unless you’re from my original neck of the woods, (shout out to Stayner!) you may only know Creemore as the home of Creemore Springs Brewery. It’s not a bad way to be introduced to this quaint little town, but there are many other things to see along the beautiful main street that runs the length of the town.

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Eco-friendly goodies put to the Bakery Tour taste test!

UPDATE, January 8, 2013: Sadly, LPK’s closed over the holidays, so if you didn’t check it out in 2012, you’re too late!

“So which are your most sustainable goodies?”  It’s Earth Day, and on a bid to find treats that are as friendly to the earth as they are to our palates, the family and I find ourselves at the counter of a local Toronto bakery known for its sustainable ways:  LPK’s Culinary Groove.

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